Firefox download station The whole army was wiped out


has always been to guide advertising (call me CPA, I don’t understand these rookie webmaster) is not interested, 3 months ago to try running a Firefox promotion, also found some effect, then follow a special Firefox download station, after a period of operation, there are some search rankings and antecedents, while we secretly delighted, about March 8th, I found the Firefox station does not display code, quickly landing registered mail, sure enough, a letter from the Google Adsense mail was found lying on the inside… I thought I was a little too (that are actually copying others), had no choice but to give up.

today occasionally also searched the Firefox browser Firefox download, open several sites, all found no code, suddenly it is GG of Firefox station a comprehensive ban. Some are funny, even text or pictures for download links for Firefox, secretly download package (uusee uusee installed to activate each of the 1 blocks of five, I also do), although the last ditch, but too bluff. Some owners are not pointing to a promotion that Firefox Firefox download page, the station has little effect also did so when blocked, then dropped to each, and now the $0.01, it has no meaning.

felt somewhat ironically, although once on the site trumpeted the benefits of Firefox, but I never downloaded, since I do not know how it is. I think the important problem is that many netizens even China curious to download Firefox, is not frequently used (traffic statistics, my web client browser Mozilla about 5%). The huge investment, but should not benefit, I think this may be the reasons for the recent ban on Firefox station and the Commission dropped significantly GG. Occupy a space for one person in the United States and Europe may Chinese it in Firefox, to seize the market share of IE is too small. Now Chinese webmaster basically has no interest in the promotion of Firefox, no fire Chinese webmaster, even Firefox downloads it to the poor.

it’s just a pity that my this meter, PR has been 2. Thinking into a movie or game station Firefox Firefox

station, we think?Finally,

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