Daily topic bitcoin trading platform or face collapse Bitcoin brilliant era has receded

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) April 4th news, China’s two bitcoin trading platform bit era and FXBTC yesterday announced that the suspension of bank recharge service. This is reminiscent of before the central bank issued "notice" on the further strengthening of the bitcoin risk prevention work, requiring commercial banks and third party payment agencies to close all accounts 15 domestic bitcoin trading platform in April 15th. Overdue closed, the central bank will be punished. At the same time, the association of payment and clearing association to continue to track the platform to change the means of recharge, and timely notification to the commercial bank.

bitcoin is really in an awkward position in China now. Over the past year, bitcoin prices in Chinese described as thrilling, has experienced several rounds of roller coaster. At the end of February 2013, the RMB against the bitcoin price is still 100 yuan each, to April 10th, the price of up to $1546, after two days, the price dropped by half. May, bitcoin prices fell to the lowest 300 yuan. But then after soaring, November 19th intraday ascribed to 8000 yuan, up nearly 80 times at the beginning, but soon traded price cut, as of February 26th, fell to the lowest 3331. Although this time has been tightening policy environment, disease bitcoin prices rose again, to March 5th, again to 4068. In mid March after the central bank once again came down notice, to March 27th, the price of each bitcoin is 3561 yuan.

last December 5th, the central bank and other five ministries issued a circular calling for the prevention of bitcoin risk, requiring financial institutions and Payment institutions may not be bitcoin for product or service pricing. December 15th, the central bank has convened a meeting of more than third companies to pay the company, and it can not be notified bitcoin trading platform. These initiatives poured cold water for bitcoin, in early December of last year, the price of bitcoin was beyond 7000 yuan, the price of less than 2500 yuan.

in fact, if the bank account bitcoin trading platform was forced to cancel the account, it means that after the bitcoin game player only through the line (cash) to buy and trade bitcoin, bitcoin trading platform may face the risk of collapse. The emergency notice released FXBTC official website in such statements: "FXBTC management as some of the industry websites, telephone number of commercial banks received notice, request the bank to cancel the account as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the notice bitcoin risk prevention work the implementation of the central bank issued, some banks even today must cancel the account, FXBTC clarify that the the event is not a rumor, the central bank issued a notice requiring any commercial bank and third party payment institutions shall not provide clearing services for bitcoin business, demanding the closure of all bitcoin related sites to capital account."

universal gold senior researcher Xiao Lei believes that if the bitcoin trading platform was forced to cancel the account, bitcoin trading platform can only serve as a bridge, will not affect the bitcoin is too large, but for the bitcoin trading platform is fatal.

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