NetEase accounting App Ali snatch newborn manufacturers recognize Godfather or by Dad do

NetEase Ali snatch accounting App newborn manufacturers recognize Godfather or by "father"

[TechWeb] September 6th news, along with the rise of the mobile Internet, a number of tool class App also ushered in explosive growth, accounting class App is one of them. In the application store search bookkeeping, there will be more than and 10 related applications. According to statistics by Analysys think tank, the first quarter of 2015, 8 mainstream accounting active App users has reached 6 million 725 thousand, the stock market continued to rise in the promotion of a lot of good, rose more than 15%.

The user amount and growth rate of

App accounting are showing considerable momentum, but as the other App tools along with the rise of the mobile Internet as, after expanding the scale of mobile Internet users has become an essential tool for most users, but also have to face the commercial transformation.

in the critical moment of transformation, accounting App field and the emergence of new changes: NetEase, Alibaba, Baidu and other Internet giants have pushed involved. NetEase launched a "rich NetEase" App, Alipay launched the "shooting small ticket" accounting activities, to guide the user.

The same as other

rise of the field of entrepreneurship, accounting App once the giants to enter, the entrepreneur’s choice, but two: or to demand giant, giant arms or thighs; and once the giant Sike, lack of financial support, will face death.

in other words, a new force that faces the godfather, or wait to be godfather and choice.

Why should

giants snatch

value: fancy Internet financial portal

previously, the user uses the accounting App is mainly to record income and expenditure, the era of the product and the traditional book is not much difference, the space is limited. But now the market environment and user habits have undergone great changes, the most obvious is the mobility of the user asset management and Internet banking has gradually been accepted. If the account App can seize the opportunity to change, there is a great opportunity to become another entrance level super App".

NetEase rich products responsible person said that the current personal accounting class App failed to meet user needs deep, personal accounting information based personal accounting is necessary in the early, more in-depth management of customers’ personal financial information and transaction information, and eventually become the mobile terminal users convenient account housekeeper and financial accounting platform. NetEase has launched a wealth of money management APP software NetEase rich, mainly in order to be able to cut into this market has a higher demand for automated bookkeeping and asset management needs.

NetEase rich service module includes a "cash purse" and "my investment", "my accounts" and "I can handle", synchronization analysis of bank card bills and water integrated data will also synchronize user stock, fund, bank > in the asset management

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