Lai Linfeng and his 115 SkyDrive DOA

115 CEO

chairman and Lai Lin Feng


Sina technology are

a paper notice of less than four hundred words, 115 SkyDrive founder Lai Linfeng three years of entrepreneurial road cut off, the former to pirated Windows operating system to fame CaoMang entrepreneurs now have to face the problem again, and bring the capital copyright policy.

cloud storage service providers 115 SkyDrive announcement that received notice of the higher level departments, 115 for SkyDrive to provide users with the public share function policy risks and copyright dispute, will no longer provide for the users of the network file sharing service.

, which claims to have more than 40 million users, more than 20 million visits per day of service, is undoubtedly the most deadly blow. Rational users vote with their feet again: this adjustment can only decide to abandon the 115. So I can only abandon you. "The message side user declared the future outcome of SkyDrive 115.

and strange is that many domestic cloud storage service providers have not received similar notice, in addition to policy and copyright, is another secret sorrow?


in copyright policy

was founded in 2009 115 SkyDrive, is regarded as the domestic cloud storage service veteran. Users can upload files to the SkyDrive 115, and through a variety of ways to share with other users to download. 115 because of the convenient operation, easy to share, download without registration, many domestic forums and websites using 115 SkyDrive service resources provide resources to download, and this mode has also become the 115 SkyDrive’s Achilles heel.


users rely on the resources sharing function, need to pay 115 of SkyDrive server hardware and bandwidth resources of. SkyDrive, Baidu and HUAWEI (micro-blog) SkyDrive and other competitors, SkyDrive 115 and no patron can rely on. Under the opponent’s chairman and CEO Lai Linfeng stride forward singing militant songs, 115 was announced to get the first round of financing after the establishment of the company for two years, the amount of about 100 million yuan, investors from Guangzhou Dongguan is a RMB fund investment.

100 million yuan for much-needed money expansion 115 SkyDrive, is an utterly inadequate measure. The funds from a fund is not well-known in the industry, which means that in addition to money, investors in other areas of the 115 is very limited help.

can be used to refer to, another independent cloud storage companies cool disk in the same period announced the acquisition of the global venture capital management agency DCM lead B round of investment of $20 million investment. Angel investment from September 2010, by the end of January 2011 to complete the A round of financing, cool disk shows the speed of the expansion of an entrepreneurial venture in support of VC. >

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