On the eight steps of SEO

The first step: to

why they do have a clear understanding, not to make money and want to do a website, then can only breed utilitarian emotions, encounter setbacks to get disheartened. It was really the key, now should do to GG Adsense or other advertising alliance and the website of a few. What things do. If you are interested then you have half the success, so you have to hold the attitude of learning, slowly progress to do a website, down from the basic HTML language and DW learning, not started thinking of what to do SEO (search engine optimization), do anything to lay a good foundation is the key so, the life / learning website, is also


the second step: give your site a correct position, do not think to do very cattle, do a professional website is the most practical for the novice to do a fantasy. Tens of thousands of daily flow IP portal station may?! no!

third: select a site with their location with domain name domain name is also very important, we must pay attention to simplify, don’t use some very long domain (except the specific meaning, web site, www.hao623.com, this is to let a person can understand the meaning of the domain name), if you want to be a registered domain name registered, you can consider adding some specific figures, such as: 52 (I love), 51 (I), 54 (I), 17 (together) and so on, if it is possible to take into account the domain you registered users on the keyboard when is it convenient? Like Baidu, Google on such a domain name is very convenient, the registration can try to play, the customer is God! Can you bring something to the user, most convenient for them, they will bring more traffic and Money to you! Now 1 dollars a CN domain name, what are you waiting for? To rob Oh..^_^ here a little attention to, do not want to rely on the good domain name registration is rich, professional growers have long had registered, don’t waste time looking for the domain name, the time saved learning web pages is to


fourth step: choose a good space, I want to say is all grassroots webmaster, do not use free space. The slow speed not to say, is not stable, and free space providers to shut your site closed, people are free to offer you, what is the obligation to safeguard your interests now online? Support monthly lots of space, can try to find the good reputation of the space business buy monthly space, even if the speed of less than the normal commercial space, but also much faster than the free space. The key is cheap ah, a few months 10 20 dollars on the fix, if it can be considered stable buy pay, a year is only 100200 dollars. A few packs of cigarettes in these things, why money mean? Go on a regular website one month after what will bring you more than a few hundred dollars of income? Not just put back. People look to the long…!

fifth step: choose a good

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