WeChat small program formally launched today will be the leather who’s life

January 9th news, WeChat small program formally launched. Users can use the two-dimensional code, search the use of small programs provided by developers. Upgrade to the latest version of WeChat, users can also find the page has been visited by a small program. Different from the traditional mobile phone App, WeChat has a small program, do not need to install at your fingertips, disposable walking, without unloading characteristics.


At present,

, two-dimensional code applet does not support WeChat in the long press recognition, only through the WeChat sweep, to open a small program. Small program with the public number is not the same, it can not share the circle of friends, can only be shared to friends, or WeChat group.

industry to the global network of science and technology, not subversion, the world order has always been so, the law of the jungle, large, the only advantage is the time window, eat hot Xiang, then, sustainable sustained, landing can not, will play a small night, still small. A small program is more like a redistribution of interests within a Tencent — WeChat hedge application treasure, this is the value of the Tencent, from advertising into a pole according to the number of charges. Powerful as apple, Google can not change the jungle law, WeChat also so. Small program means that WeChat commercialization in the internal voice of the Tencent and further, games, distribution and other services will further enhance the rights and interests.

analysts believe that the appearance of a small program, so that the penguin connector strategy has taken a big step forward, each of which love and hate, but helpless. Imagine a simple, small program to recommend, recommend you not only the program name, and the content of them, the world will become? Penguin pan entertainment layout is remarkable, the Tencent in the first echelon in the video is the way ahead, the installed capacity of the store TV is the absolute supremacy. As a super entrance, the penguin will roll all the hardware entrance, platform entrance, APP entrance, a cross platform, cross platform overlord.

analysts also believe that the small party, and no customer service line interactive pure online platform really do not fashionable". The definition of a small program entry and the unique discovery, use, close mode. It is destined for its creator and user roles and specific scenarios. However, the first to follow the new model is not a line of business entities but online catch fashion platform. Focus on industry class analysis, livelihood services is the most priority should be settled in a small program, followed by the business entity class. The purpose is to cater to the next line of high-frequency services to reduce inefficient time, to traditional enterprises, small and medium businesses more free to play online and offline integration of space. Reflection on the promotion plan, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the main body of these lines and technical support and training is more important.


small program officially launched, some netizens commented: "try a APP experience and not much difference between the development of mobile Internet ten years, this should be the last dividend period."

as well as friends commented: "try a small WeChat program,"

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