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1 Tencent acquired Jingdong shares of Jingdong was part of the electricity supplier assets Tencent

March 10th morning news, Tencent has just announced, will be $214 million acquisition of 15% of the shares before the listing of Jingdong, the Jingdong in this transaction will be 100% acquisition of Tencent B2C online shopping platform QQ and C2C platform pat Network, as well as the rights of a minority stake in easy fast network and fast and easy to buy the remaining stake in the network, the Tencent President Liu Chiping to the board of directors of the Jingdong.

Tencent announcement shows that the transaction, Jingdong will issue new shares to Tencent. At the beginning of the transaction, Tencent will receive about 15% of the shares of Jingdong. In the future, Tencent will be in the initial public offering of Jingdong, to participate in the subscription price of Jingdong shares an additional 5% of the subscription is expected to be completed with Jingdong’s ipo.

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2 pour cold water on O2O, traditional companies do not be led by the nose

O2O is undoubtedly one of the hottest Internet industry last year, one of its key points in the last year from the Tmall home improvement O2O project by the boycott of the 19 hypermarkets and eventually died. In the "Internet thinking" and "fans economy" in 13 years of Internet vocabulary disaster caused by flooding water cooling at the same time, O2O did not decrease in 2014 is still hot. From the Baidu index can be seen, after the O2O index continued to rise, up to 13221 times.

now, whether it is Internet companies or traditional enterprise business model with O2O if the words are a bit feel shy out of the mix, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs blabbering talking about O2O, talk about the integration of online and offline, closed loop. The capital market is also not forget that stocks with O2O fan the flames, the recent rally last week, without exception, Vatti shares two consecutive daily limit, only because the company was committed to open this year will focus O2O. It seems that a listed company that the stock price is low, O2O is a good way to boost the stock market, so the stock market downturn, it is necessary to understand the point of Internet knowledge.

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