The world’s 44% malicious web hosting in the United States and Germany accounted for only about 5%

March 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the investigation of Internet security company announced AVG days before the results showed that 44% of the world’s malicious web hosting in the United states.

in the past 6 months, AVG to 110 million users worldwide security records tracking and analysis, found that the end user of the malicious web site is increasingly rising, mainly is to steal the user’s online banking login information, credit card information, identity information, and social networking site login and password.

in all malicious sites, 44% hosted in the United States at different locations in the proportion of the top 4600. Although China and Germany tied for second, but the number of malicious websites hosted by the two countries accounted for only about 5%.

analysis also found that in the past 6 months, these servers on the domain name online time is 50%, while the virus is only a time of about 1 days or less, it is difficult to find.

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