One of the best XinDa call center personalized solutions

call center has been used in China for 30 years, and the application of call center has changed greatly compared with the earlier one. Especially in the past 10 years, the call center industry very rapid development momentum, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the deployment of the call center of the necessity and importance of the application of the call center has entered a period of rapid development, followed by the call center solutions provider springing up up. How to choose their own call center products and suppliers, to meet the individual needs of enterprises, how to expand the product capability to meet the development of enterprises in the next few years, is the enterprise call center of the beginning of the construction project must be taken into consideration.

free call center XinDa R & D team from product launch at the beginning of time to listen to user suggestions, continuous improvement of products, to the maximum extent to meet the needs of individual users, and provide personalized demand has its own characteristics of the solution.

, one of the personalized solutions, flexible and reliable, rich third party development interface

Chang XinDa call center ( is the third party development interface platform, multi language support, multi level special programming interface package. Use the development interface, third party software development company, system integration companies can smooth the depth of integration of XinDa call center platform, the integration of their application, application products containing professional call center functions for customers. R & D capability of enterprise customers can easily docking enterprise existing information systems.

two, Chang XinDa call center third party interface type

1, TCP/IP communication mechanism based on ActiveX control MVBCTI

MVBCTI built-in CTI, fax, SMS features, provides hundreds of methods and various types of telephone events, fax part of the fax to send and receive, fax electronic documents online view. The short message module provides the function of sending and receiving messages through the platform server. MVBCTI interface controls for previously engaged in the use of CTI middleware or traditional voice card architecture selection of R & D personnel, they can quickly switch to the IP call center development. You can also select the MVBCTI control for an event that requires a higher response rate (milliseconds). MVBCTI control programming manual provides detailed description of the API and call the method description. Chang C#, VB, XinDa in VC++, DELPHI, IE browser application demo code.

2, WEBCTI interface based on HTTP protocol

WEBCTI interface based on the standard HTTP protocol call, support UTF8 and GBK encoding, the results returned to support JSON and XML format, the server built-in cache mechanism, in the continuous high pressure call stable and reliable.

WEBCTI provides about 130 >

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