Refutation of domain knowledge for the owners once again swept the blind

    today in the webmaster nets see "for the owners again sweep the domain knowledge scotoma", from the article, see the author is a good, but there are some places are wrong, in order to avoid misleading, I am here to point out one by one:

        1, quote: in fact the domain name as "not to be taken away items’ but is not safe, at any time there may be a variety of factors and not to think of the reason for the international domain name administration of ICANN forced redistribution of its recovery. If your domain name infringes the rights and interests of US’s law related businesses. Only for international domain name)

      refute: the international domain name is safe, like in the United States, the domain name is a property, protected by the relevant laws. There is, ICANN does not have any power to recover the domain name, the domain name is not only to recover the re allocation that arbitration and judgment of arbitration or court by the domain name of specialized institutions (in a company or individual dispute and to the court case), domain name registration and enforcement of arbitration verdict, not a bit the relationship between ICANN and.

      2, reference: an international domain name on the WHOIS domain name registrant to fill in what is not the main weight. You can apply for a domain name to a foreign registration authority, I would like to ask the Registrar of the domain name on the platform can not change the transfer of direct P to the other side of the account on it. I think it’s important to be able to prove that the domain name is registered when your domain name has been stolen or caused by a person, for example, it can be legally binding on the court.

Of course, you can change the domain name

transaction transfer if not the best, as long as the two sides have reached a deal in the process of witnesses and evidence can prove the other domain name owners traded with you, and transfer the domain name to you can. I think the domain name players in the domain name is the first thought of the transfer of the domain name so I think they do not understand the real owner of the domain name is only used as long as it can be too persistent.

    refute: who is in the domain name registrant of the domain name is who, like the real estate certificate of the property owners as important transaction domain name registrar must transfer, is not the responsibility and obligation to make decision in time domain ownership dispute, they will not be audited transactions you. If the domain name transaction solution is out of the question, the court or the arbitration organization, and the evidence you provide is not recognized by the laws and regulations, and that the higher cost of domain name transaction domain name registration must be written in their own, please remember this point!!!

      3, quote: personally think that the name of the domain name registrant may be less than the first registered domain name when you fill in the email address is important. For example

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