Web site navigation site navigation low key on line popped horse 46

the latest news, 46 site navigation (www.46.com) launched a low profile in China, according to relevant sources, this site from the three major traffic master (spinach, Agua, A Qiang) co founded a domain name, only spent 600 thousand bought from abroad, to create the domestic third web site navigation.


used two digit.Com digital domain to do site navigation station? According to the site responsible person revealed three main reasons: one or two digits of the domain name itself short enough. It is short enough, do daohangzhan choice, in the domain name, even more than hao123265 of higher value; the two domain name registration time is relatively long, especially the two bit digital domain.Com is the Internet early domain name has been registered, the weight is higher, more conducive to do site optimization promotion; three from the long-term see more conducive to the accumulation of brand value.

, according to official sources, the current site operating in good condition, on the IP website at around 5 million 500 thousand, only the current flow has been in the domestic five site navigation columns, trying to create a boutique site navigation, bid for the three major domestic site navigation station ranks. Reporters noted that although the site has just enabled the domain name, but the reporter has been engaged in a number of sites from the peer station where confirmed the authenticity of the traffic.

Hao123 site navigation glory witnessed the opening of an era, web site navigation station has become the second largest Internet portal after both search engines. At the same time, hao123 is also a microcosm of the site navigation station ten years of development, but also a sign, almost become synonymous with the site navigation station. Except for hao123, that’s 265. The two site navigation stations were acquired by search engine giant. Baidu and Google fancy site navigation station is amazing traffic and a huge user base, the site will be included into the navigation station seems to have become an important bargaining chip in their domestic market competition. Site navigation station can also be seen in the development of China’s Internet, in the minds of the minds of primary users.

With the decline of the old

265 web site navigation, site navigation arena has never been quiet, a site navigation station from netizens eyes flashed, whether spent heavily to build the 46 site navigation can go farther away.

It is because the

site navigation is simple and practical by many Internet users especially the primary users set the browser home page, and the 46 is to see the site navigation site navigation market prospects to make a determination and confidence, to enter the site navigation. I believe that by virtue of a strong team of 46 site navigation station in the near future, the time will be preferred the website more Internet users.

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