Chongqing to crack down on pornographic websites pornographic website owners responsible

Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau announced the day before, will be carried out in accordance with the law regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action, focus on rectifying hosting and virtual space, and to strengthen the management of small and medium-sized site, the public security organs will actively urge the webmaster to implement the.

security management responsibility

Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau official said, the public security organs will strengthen the work of archival management of Internet users, Internet access services where the IP address belongs to Chongqing, to provide Internet data center service provider, website, network units shall carry out filing obligations. Centralized managed service public security organ support Internet data center, information security the service unit provides small and medium-sized websites, forums and chat rooms, through the centralized management mode, solves the small and medium-sized websites, chat rooms offer unmanned management, to management problems.

is to find and prevent, investigate and punish cyber criminal behavior, public warning online minor offenses and bad behavior, Chongqing police in Chongqing will further expand the focus of the site, the forum set up online "alarm box" and "virtual police", accept the report,.

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