YY listed but not active subscription of the original investment of 30 million


reporter Xin Yuanwei Shanghai reported

after a lapse of six months, the celebrations of the times (stock code "YY") successfully listed in the United States, the first day the stock rose nearly 8%, which gives the heavy haze stocks brought a new confidence.

the United States in November 21st, YY CEO, Li Xueling rang the NASDAQ opening bell. YY to issue price range of the lowest price of $10.5 / share price opened, as of the close up 7.71%, to close at $11.31, the company’s market capitalization of $602 million.

to the closing price on the first day, someone happy people worry: Morningside venture acquired the carrying amount of the investment return of about 15 times, Synovate investment was about 14.6 times that of Jiyuan capital was about 2.7 times, and in 2011 YY investment company, Tiger Fund nearly halved.

YY company CEO Li Xueling said: "today’s price is not important. In such a bad market, we are able to share price rose after the listing, the greater the meaning of a good company will be recognized by investors."

Internet analyst Hong Bo said: China has no more than six months of corporate listing in the United States, which is not a normal phenomenon. The celebrations of the times the successful listing will help the United States and global capital markets once again open to the China enterprise."

entrepreneurs get rich

YY listed on the first day of strong performance also stimulated the concept of social inclusion, including Sina, Renren, etc.. YY chairman Lei Jun said: "YY can contrarian Nasdaq, did a great thing for the absolute China enterprise, and it is proved that the YY is good enough."

YY listed on the successful investor Lei Jun. Lei seven years ago, a $1 million investment in YY company, now has over 133 times. In YY, the issue price, the market capitalization of $560 million, holding 23.8% of the shares worth about $133 million lei.

common enrichment as well as YY founder, CEO Li Xueling. With Lei Jun, Li Xueling held 23.8%, worth $133 million. Li Xueling was born in the media, served as editor in chief of the NetEase.

in terms of institutional investors, Morningside ventures obtained the carrying amount of the investment return is about 15 times, Synovate investment was about 14.6 times that of Jiyuan capital was 2.7 times. None of the above capital institutions.

Morningside ventures, Synovate investment, GGV capital of three will be to the IPO price, the subscription for $30 million in stock market, behind YY.

and for the early 2011 high priced investment in YY’s Tiger Fund, Li Xueling said: Tiger Fund is very supportive of YY. In the case of nearly half of investment discounts, Tiger Fund can

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