O2O entrance of the dispute again War Within Three Kingdoms has just begun

2014 will be a brutal war in many areas of the mobile Internet, with BAT three giants are in terms of mobile payments and Internet banking layout, the layout of the O2O will be in the field of the upcoming three. 16, titanium media announced the invitation to receive public comment, will participate in its major news conference next Wednesday.

although, for the conference content temporarily confidential, but the news of the acquisition of public comment Tencent has long been known in the world. As a representative of the domestic O2O companies, the public comment after 10 years, but is known as a slow company". From the beginning of 2013, the public comment and the major giants have talked about investment or cooperation; a year later, the long-term negotiations finally results.

although the consensus is optimistic about the acquisition of Tencent public comment, that the two sides have great complementarity. I am most worried about is whether the public comment on this "slow company" to meet the needs of the Tencent: public comment has been focused on the field of idle away in seeking pleasure though it was said, the largest section of the O2O field, but WeChat’s appetite is clearly more than this. Tencent has been working with Wangfujing department store, into the field of department stores, and in this area, the public comment on Tencent and no fulcrum.

on the contrary, in the core of the O2O payment link, if the Tencent to access the use of WeChat to pay the scan function can be completed without the need for public comment. And, the most important public comment on the store information and review data, Tencent use its own social genes can be obtained from WeChat, QQ. Therefore, the sale of the final position in 20% (which is said to be a 25%) of the equity transaction, it seems that the final result of the game.

is more important is that after the acquisition of public comment Tencent, still not solve the O2O business is another big problem is LBS. Only location based O2O makes sense. Ali is to see that "big" to the acquisition of high moral map. Baidu as early as 2012, and strive to solve the bottleneck of the development of O2O in one step: split map business, set up a division of LBS, a comprehensive transformation of local life services. Starting from the attitude and speed, Baidu’s determination to enter the largest O2O, the fastest action.

then, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice nets 59% with $160 million stake, becoming the largest shareholder, not only to build up localization LBS platform Baidu map, but also enhance the viscosity more closely between users, businesses, developers of the three. After the acquisition of glutinous rice network, Baidu has established a 3 million businesses, covering 85% hotel resources, the lowest price 120 million restaurant information maximum local life information database, realize the organic integration of LBS and O2O.

look at the strength of the core technology, Baidu’s O2O are provided by the surrounding living services LBS. Search as a service is Baidu’s strengths, in the position of precise search and intelligent commodity display, the advantages of Baidu LBS

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