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June 30th, light rain. Tai Chi Zen temple in XiXi Wetland, Hangzhou, Japan, the operation of St. Inamori Kazuo and China’s most popular and influential internet star, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma handshake.

six years ago in October 28, 2008, in Kyoto, Japan’s Kyocera Corp headquarters conference room, 44 year old ma called on the 76 year old Inamori Kazuo. It sounds more like a return visit to the latter. "Zhejiang" magazine as the only Chinese media, made the whole record.

why Inamori Kazuo would appreciate ma? Why Inamori Kazuo praised Ma created a myth? Why does Inamori Kazuo think that Ma is not arrogant? Well, before coming to the United States listed Alibaba, let us listen to Inamori Kazuo and Ma Yunshen dialogue.


a, Ali created a myth

Inamori Kazuo: in Japan, I often hear or see the story about you, in the IT industry, you created a myth in the world of enterprise.

Ma Yun: after that year and you exchange, let me benefit. I do business, as a kind of fun, to make a career, and then he as a man. Along the way, I learned a lot. I am particularly impressed by Mr. Ina Mori’s ideas, philosophies, and ideas. I believe that Chinese enterprises in the management center, we must have a strong ideological and cultural foundation.

I heard you went to the temple for a year". I said at the time, at the age of 60, I want to do a "monk", but my wife does not agree (everyone amused joke Ma Yun). In fact, we do business people, every day in practice, in the work, in life, all the disaster, happiness is a kind of practice. I saw your "living law", feel very interesting. I had to learn the earliest Taoist philosophy, which recognizes the leadership, stress management and Confucianism, Buddhism thought about life, the three together, is the essence of Chinese culture.

I think, Ali is very lucky, 15 years to this day, the next 87 years to go. The results of the previous 15 years, there is a component of luck, but more importantly, we adhere to their own mission, values and culture, adhere to the "good people, we can be good" concept. We can’t be sure that they will have a good time, but I hope they will use our services and cooperation, better than yesterday.

two, not arrogant people appreciate

Inamori Kazuo: your idea is very good, I am very touched, because we have the same idea. Practice, in spite of difficult times, every day. Alibaba only 15 years, it is so large, amazing. But you are different from others, you are not arrogant. So, is it possible to specifically talk about the concept of 102 years?

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