Analysis of the current social tools really do not make money



SNS, micro-blog (WEB2.0) the emergence of a large number of social tools was born that year, every month will have a social entrepreneurial team, there are many companies to obtain financing. Google Baidu’s attention to "socialization" has become an important standard of SEO rankings, in addition to content, the social factors of the search engine that the most valuable.

the past three years, I suddenly found that not a team can become bigger and stronger, some industry leader such as bShare, JiaThis, said, without looking, Baidu light heron, socialization, socialization, Sohu Sina micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog and so on, without exception, all change! Once I thought these social tools Ltd is a small and medium-sized site straw can really help improve website flow, promote a virtuous cycle, but the fact that I want more.

note: I am in accordance with the classification of the company, collectively referred to as the "social tools" and the following are divided into: share plug-ins, comments plugin, related articles plugin. Are related to the site, the other not to talk about.

a, JiaThis (plus net) social tools

for the first time the social plug-ins landing is through the comments you know, but also the first time I know what is the third party social review system, when Lu Songsong also tested. You can comment on the scenery for a year, the team has stopped updating, and after some time to comment on the friends of the JiaThis and even a merger. How can data migration, otherwise it will be too late to regret.


social sharing, because SNS and micro-blog site too much, one share is simply Arabian Nights, so a key share out, JiaThis and bShare made the best of the two, reflected in the user scale, until now JiaThis and bShare share is still the preferred tool station two.

The question is: can

sharing tools out there 5-6 years time, the function is the same as 5 years ago, not a new thing, how is the situation? I think this one is sharing plugin is more focused on sharing, how to share the contents of the micro-blog, perhaps in the eyes of developers as long as the content sharing you can go out, do not need to add new features. On the other hand, perhaps because of its profit model problems.

, however, bShare made some attempts in this regard.

two, bShare social tools

once Lu Songsong blog is a loyal user of JiaThis, but in the year of the rise of the social stage, which is to grab the user stage, bShare pulled me over. The reason is relatively simple, bShare social sharing tool to do some exploration, in addition to the free version of the paid bShare >

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