Nora Jurisprudence the acquisition of film and television domain name yingshi com seek transformatio

renamed China ( April 23rd news, recently, Nora announced the closure of the Qvod server end broadcast mode Nirvana rebirth. From three aspects to do the original content of the transformation. Among them, the purchase of film and television domain name is its breakthrough transformation of the skirmish. According to the domain name Forum ( users broke the news, its data collection from a wide range of research, Nora or has a low-key acquisition of domain name


diagram: Whois information

it is understood that in a domain name trading platform, found on the front page of the "classic case" in our LOGO and logo, that "China whois query system," movie " domain name registered in July 1998, a new record in 15 this month, the domain name information.



through the domain name of the mailbox to find the found that the name of Wang Xin and the owner of the same name Nora CEO. In addition to search holders QQ number, consistent data displayed on the phone number and name contact, and the record number of the domain name is the Shenzhen science and Technology Co. Ltd., which further confirmed that the domain name holder is very likely that nora.


"movie" Larry domain earlier shoot treasure net CEO Ye Dagang returned from overseas acquisitions, the domain name is simple and straightforward, the film industry Web application to very strong, market value. Currently Nora acquisition of film and television accuracy of the message, to be further studied and confirmed. Before there are rumors that Nora acquisition of domain name may be a "cyclone" Larry domain, but from the single domain whois information and website content, but also unable to determine the association between video and broadcast on the cyclone.

in recent years, Nora repeatedly involved in jurisprudence and copyright issues, bear a huge legal risk management. In addition to the acquisition of the transformation domain, Nora will also put Yunfan search and Nora entertainment vane involving pirated content in all the technical barrier; the next year the investment is not less than 100 million yuan to buy the copyright, innovation investment 30 million yuan to support domestic micro film.

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