Dynamic batch network to join O2O 2 hot war force brand upgrade


"Internet plus the national strategy of" the development of O2O is like a raging fire. Over the past year, the formation of a number of O2O companies into the public view of the brand. Taxi drops, hungry, beaver home, has a profound impact on the lives of the audience, but also to upgrade the mobile Internet era of enterprise competition. With the O2O competition into the white hot trend, the transformation of traditional enterprises is particularly urgent. In the garment industry as an example, in recent years, with the impact of the electricity supplier and Beijing non core functions to ease the requirements of Beijing clothing wholesale market have realized the disadvantage of limited to offline store. "Internet plus" on the air, Beijing moving batch District Century Tin Lok international clothing market, to build a professional wholesale clothing of the first O2O platform, dynamic batch network. Dynamic batch network, online and offline business dynamic batch network experience Plaza in the depth of integration, competition, dynamic batch network professional force vertical field, and an occasion to establish the brand of O2O. In the development of the trend of the Red Sea into the O2O campaign, the dynamic batch network to find the blue ocean area of O2O 2 era.

O2O tuyere vertical area into blue ocean

under the national strategy O2O market boom has become a phenomenon of the Internet economy. In recent years, intense competition in O2O enterprises have taken place in the taxi drops and quick consolidation, 58 city and Ganji jointly, mergers and acquisitions competing events; hungry rush all the catering group purchase website; a burn platform extended Manicure beaver…… Overnight, O2O brand men, has become one of the red sea. Experts in the industry view, the trend of platform competition in the 2 era of O2O is about to turn.

Internet industry observers Jun Jun said, O2O has entered the 2 era, the future is widely accepted O2O product is not large and the platform, focusing instead on a vertical field, intensive and meticulous farming products. Build a platform, stores and other intermediate trip business forms, "creating a connection between people and goods, people and services.

in the O2O wave of the birth of the traditional enterprise transformation of the force, dynamic batch network is a case of deep vertical field. As the occupy Beijing dynamic batch district sales of half of the country Tin Lok century international clothing market, in the development of online business platform and mobile platform at the same time, pay attention to the mining industry has the traditional advantages of the line. – net experience dynamic batch square batch mode network line, designed the designer creative design center, new clothing distribution center, new clothing exhibition center, dynamic batch network e-commerce operations center, and online interaction.

Billion euros founder Huang Yuanpu

specializes in the field of O2O said that the core of O2O enterprise is the next line of O, current flow is not easy to spell PK BAT platform to do the more vertical business, user stickiness is higher, the easier the development.

2 era of traditional enterprise brand war

Internet era than native O2O in the marketing of the resourceful, traditional enterprises to break the original geographical limitations, to create products >

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