The origin of pig am a rash and lucky pig

The origin of

pig (I was a rash and lucky pig)

just saw the fish "written behind the origin (I am a lucky fish"), on a whim, fish like the title and narrative style, writing this article "pig reincarnation (I was a rash and lucky pig)".

1997 China has taken place in two major events, one is the return of Hongkong, the Chongqing is under the jurisdiction of the two. For me personally, a major event has occurred, that is, the computer. At that time I left school in Sichuan College of Education, a total of half a semester of computer classes, the machine is 286, learn some of the mess of the DOS command, the only gain is to learn the five typing.

from the school after graduation I go home to do a full-time village cadres, but also to write news reports do "food collection, curettage induction" occasionally do, basically has nothing to do with computer and internet. Until 2002 to enter the Chongqing evening news only after the real experience of the Internet, in addition to the online version of the Chongqing evening news homepage look at their written, is through the Google and Baidu search data to write the reports.

before and after 2004 in the evening news is the root of the root, to complete their reporting tasks began to wander aimlessly on the internet. At that time to see the NetEase has a free personal home page service, but did not hesitate to apply for a, into the inside of what has long been forgotten. Later enough NetEase homepage template dull, stylized, so want to get some garish things, never learned to program I wrote the first HTML personal homepage, hanging in the free space and I do not know what. Perhaps, at that time I read which free space application Raiders is a masterpiece of fish.

It’s not a taste of

to update the page one page at a time. At the end of 2005, I downloaded to the entire station program, epoch-making rented a space of 200M, built a "Yixing network", because my son named Zhu Yixing. A person maintaining a theme is unknown, unclear mode PowerEasy station, which is destined to stand off in the final ending. Then takes the Chinese advocate free blog blog, OBLOG program is popular, I think to do a blog, take some for reporters to write reports left corners more than expected, send out the emotion in news reports.

was my knowledge of the Internet was so poor, I do not know which queries in the website, I naively thought that is not registered, in the best of spirits to note. The results can be imagined, not passed. Provide registration service agents chasing me quickly to pick a domain name, choose several little favorite are others note, desperation reminds me of Zhu, just registered a pig. So, came to my name. The pig blog also logical to open for half a year, a total of 6 registered users on this blog, but all my people. I played the six kind of identity in this blog, are journalists, my son, data collectors.

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