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last week I registered a new meter 5idl.com wanted to do a local station in Dalian. Want to do local station already for a long time, my university in 01 years have been concerned hometown Danyang wing net (this station in the just concluded annual meeting of owners was named the local station 20, in a population of only 80W cases can be done at this level is not easy, the user stickiness) feel strong local station repeat, many local users are willing to communicate. In addition, local stations for local businesses to do advertising, then it is easy to profit.

but everything is hard in the beginning, the establishment of promotion at the beginning is very difficult, I mainly use the QQ group promotion, go to the local QQ group, and don’t send advertising, so directly by T, but the effect is not good. I usually contact group I, I like a fishing group, I ask the Lord to do not provide him with a Dalian fishing version, to fishing friends a chance to share, in most cases, the main group is willing to accept, then help you propaganda is the logical chapters.

also, I also do some local dialect QQ small image, interesting plot belt, a site on LOGO, in the QQ group, this way will not be T, but was copied, reproduced, the propaganda effect is obvious.

there is a will, there is a, the end of Bai Qin Guan Chu

good people, three thousand more days, can swallow a Wu with broad stationmaster compatriots share

welcome to exchange QQ:402253858

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