Basic event marketing is not so good you can use it to accumulate ideas

we are honest and know more for their own profit, perhaps always wavering, so while doing a thankless task work while feeling his integrity, but on the side of thinking should learn to refuse, know more for their own profit.

in the endless thinking, time fleeting, what did not come to the end, leaving a swing around the empty cavity paste.

so, the Internet is an action is to seize the opportunity, is the executive power. In the field of Internet marketing, but vice versa.

said first creative.

a picture, a word often can be worth thousand words, words of the article, chili paste ads, a picture, a small pile of chili sauce gathered in one place, a few traveler sitting together a bonfire, heating. Just like after eating the chili sauce can be obtained and this winter within a heat.


A classic advertising OLAY


no, that’s right. I’m 47. The skin and age misunderstood represents the OLAY brand skin care effect, but also reveals its users.


too many punchline, a picture of a word can bring 42 pounds of marketing effect.

unfortunately, these documents are not so easy to find.

say a lot of serious work but failed event marketing case.


is not so easy to obtain the classic creative copy, we can do some marketing events.

because it always looks so effortless, not money, but always effect baqun.

but the truth is, it’s not as easy as you think.


this field by the majority of star tear forced events, ultimately for China car does not bring bad user impression, but the opposite effect.


who understand the purpose of the above picture where, although it was going to be the event marketing approach, but in the end it is borrowed by WeChat, micro-blog’s power, the money did not spend less, the brand has not been so concerned about.

We expect

will often say "dreams always have, if achieved it, good management, may not be realized because of the dream may be realized, but no words will not only achieve a road, so we have no choice, only to do, try.

finally want to return to the beginning, want to emphasize is that each person has each kind of nature, you can’t.

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