From the soft text to see how to do outside the chain chain

first we have to explore what is soft Wen?

soft, actually is the opposite of hard advertising, and our daily common advertising compared with the soft, like a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly characteristics. Sometimes we may read an article that will unconsciously do what the author says. When you find this is a soft text, you have suddenly fallen into a carefully designed "soft advertising" trap, is very magical.

actually, why a lot of people talk about soft text in the chain plays an important role in it?

Once your

is there a kind of impulse, read a good article, it will be very consciously reproduced share out, hand yourself or some do not understand, then keep themselves slowly to see, on the other hand may be out of their love, want to let their friends also see this article, of course, there are other reasons. No matter what the reason, will let us to reprint this article. Common QQ space, played QQ people know it, this is not much to say. While many soft Wen in the finished article will with the phrase, "the source: the www.***.com" or "www.***.com" article by * * *: "right, this reprint first we don’t say how many people will see, say these articles published in different sites after all if let the search engine to the collected case, you at the end of the link is not only to write an article in many websites with the link of it, think about it. Although not as fast as the speed of the spread of micro-blog as fast, but if a good article, its marketing effect is better than micro-blog.

finally, what is the soft Wen released platform,


since the soft so good marketing effect, so soft, general hair where many of my friends will ask? From the current market, conducive to search engine included the soft release platform has a few kinds:

a forum soft Wen released. Its main features: fast search engine can be included, but at the forum in the exposure rate is limited, need to have the forum administrator, sticky effect is the best, but some forum cannot link.

two. Blog soft by the third party blog and independent blog soft composition, blog soft text on the link basically no limit, so blog soft is one of the better ways. However, we must insist on doing. A good way to increase the chain.

three. Micro-blog soft Wen released. Its main features: the number of words are limited, generally no more than 200 characters, you can sync micro-blog release, if you are more fans, but also can let a lot of people see. The role of the site chain is not small, because the search engine on the micro-blog crawl on the current situation is still relatively small.


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