After years of the end of Xiamen Airlines to buy the domain name or the purchase price of more than


Xiamen Airlines has enabled is more international "" domain name

southeast Network – strait Herald September 27th news (reporter Sun Chunyan Zhang Shunhe) Xiamen Airlines now have a more international ".Com" domain name, Xiamen Airlines who yesterday confirmed that the company has in the days before the acquisition and enabled the domain name, and plans as part of an international strategy to build English website, and the original domain name will remain.


Xiamen Airlines people unwilling to disclose the purchase price, but according to a domain name investment judgment, price is likely to more than 3 million.

due to a Xiamen Airlines employee suggestion

yesterday, the Herald reporter was surprised to find that the Internet has two content exactly the same, but the name is slightly different from the Xiamen Airlines website, one is the Xiamen Airlines has been using, another is

"after a period of operation, we have bought the".Com "of the international domain name, which is part of the internationalization strategy of Xiamen airlines." Last night, a senior official in Xiamen Airlines told the Herald reporter, said, ".Com" domain name is international, also in line with international market habits. "Buy down, Xiamen Airlines will make the domain name English website, ready to meet the international market."

these people and revealed that the purchase of the domain name there is another important reason is to take into account the security of the user’s ticket, to prevent the occurrence of vicious events such as ticket fraud.

it is understood that the past two years, Xiamen Airlines has implemented a series of international action, first bought 13 aircraft, later said publicly that plans to introduce 6 widebodies, and in June of this year, Xiamen Airlines has unanimously approved officially joined the SkyTeam alliance, international strategic blueprint more clearly.

Xiamen Airlines according to insiders, the first to buy the international domain name or due to internal staff suggestions of Xiamen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines after the proposal was eventually adopted and executives believe that reasonable funding to implement the purchase.

domain worth at least 7 digit

although the Herald reporter yesterday around, but people always did not disclose the specific price of Xiamen Airlines to buy the domain name. It is reported that the domain name was registered in 2002, now has 9 years of registration time, the domain name has been paid to 2015.

"Xiamen Airlines brand awareness, the value of the domain name should be at least 7 digits." Xiamen well-known domain name investors — Xiamen scholar network president Zhuang Liangji analysis, with its many years of domain name investment experience, if the seller is a professional domain name investors to sell two million should be the basis of price. "Of course,"

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