The domain name for the Olympic champion difficult to reproduce riches myth


Beijing Olympic Games has come to an end, but the topic of the Olympic Games has not stopped. Chinese IDC ring (IDCQUAN.COM) noted that in recent days in the media hype, the Olympic champion of domain name auction and donation is the Internet staged a wonderful show.

as everyone knows, the domain name as the Internet enterprise and individual number " ", has a value of the investment. Therefore, in the early rise of domestic Internet, the Internet has some investment registered to some of the best domain name, and then rely on the sale of registered to the good domain name and flourishes. Indeed, there is no lack of such rich myth in the domain name, for example, in March of this year, to $10 million turnover; in April, also sold $2 million 600 thousand high.

, however, the value of millions or even tens of millions of dollars after the domain name is limited, after a few years of Internet development and domain enthusiasts to explore, the domain name has been very few. In this case, the domain name investors began to focus on the network news and events or figures, to follow the hot find has the investment value of the domain name.

and the Beijing Olympic Games, the world’s hot spots of attention, has become the focus of attention of the domain name investors. They expect to find opportunities from the domain name registered to the value of gold and earned a pours. However, from the current situation, and did not wish. The so-called " network; the first madman " Zhu Guangbing is one of the gold rush. In 5· after the 12 Wenchuan earthquake, registered " 512" domain name and price auction, claiming to support the disaster areas in Sichuan, was friends dubbed " Zhu rob " the name of. Recently, because of his registered domain name of Olympic Games champion, once again sparked controversy. According to Zhu Guangbing said in a blog, the first time took more than 40 Olympic champions, including Guo Jingjing Yang Wei, the domain name, will be for the public auction of the country, each priced at 10 thousand yuan, and the auction is said to be donated to the disaster area students to buy bags. In fact, so far, Zhu spent more than 4000 yuan registered more than 40 domain names have not sold a.

and Zhu Guangbing have the same fate as well as many cybersquatters, grab the Olympic champion by CNINC according to their domain name or the "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols" back, or No one shows any interest in. In fact, since 2001 after the successful Olympic bid, some " corn worm " and domain name enthusiasts sights on the Olympic Games this big cake, " ".Cn games and the Olympic Games.Cn domain names are CNNIC finally emerge in an endless stream, one by one to recover.

in the face of double attack and forced to withdraw the No one shows any interest in CNNIC, domain name investors had to settle for second, not for profit but the name. Thus, the domain name investors had to donate the domain name, leave a >

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