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China ancient battlefield is the most widely used and most successful tactics may be fire attack. The most convincing example in the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao burnt yuanshao in the barn, and the largest northern warlords lasting accounted for a head start the game, finally put down the north. Although Cao Cao is good at arson, but he is not good at fire. Bowang Xiahou Dun burned to cover the face and creep away burned to the city of Xinye, to strike terror into the heart of is a fire, and then burned from Chibi, Cao China unified dream.

just let the fire fire attack method, to really burn is behind the fire attack tactics. First of all to surprise, surprise, surprise attack, etc. Secondly, recruit 11 show; be combined with the actual situation, here, there are also put on cigarettes in this mountain, they set fire to the hill, burned the enemy panicked in disarray; finally also will choose the location, day, is on in his yard, or in combat positions, or sneak into the enemy home, is the wind, put the wind or put it, the so-called "not with Zhou Lang, energy-saving."

Baidu in 2007 seems to understand the mysteries, then Baidu began four early signs of fire, fire attack, in the last year, we can see some vaguely the true mingled with the false smoke. 2007 Baidu has entered the portal and video, and then shouted to expand Xinjiang C2C. In 08 at the beginning of the new year, all in the complex cycle begins, Shu, riding in Beijing gradually approaching the city of Beijing were spring, Baidu to enter the IM for combustion, lit the first fire Internet battlefield. To this end we can be sure that, in 2008, Baidu with fire.

fire attack is good, but also work life money, the most important thing is also from the loss of longevity, Zhu Geliang is a lesson. Even so, the prime minister Zhuge in the fire attack tactics is still the first choice, the opponent is too strong, not set which can rob


in the large-scale China Internet industry today, users of the Internet habits have been highly decomposed, today’s Internet users not only to chat, read news, find information, read and write blogs, play games, shopping and so on. Therefore, only in some areas of "skill" has been unable to meet the individual needs of users. At the beginning of the emergency is how to retain users, so that browsing users become adhesive users, so that individual users have become a common sense of the user circle or ethnic groups. In recent years, although Baidu did but today, rash and too much in haste, it is still a "skill" chef.

and then look at its two rivals, you can obviously feel that Baidu into the IM or mailbox is only a matter of time.

first recall last year, initially completed the layout of the industry Alibaba. From the beginning of the listing of B2B, Ali mother turned out to China transformation of YAHOO, and has been ready for the Taobao C2C, Alipay, Ali software, in the imperceptibly, Ali has formed a huge empire across the Internet industry.

look at the so-called "Nandi" Teng >

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