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today, tiger sniffing Morning Post reported:

September 3rd, financial media network in twenty-first Century, including the editor in chief, deputy editor of the relevant personnel, was arrested on suspicion of extortion by the Shanghai municipal public security bureau. Currently, the 8 suspects involved in the criminal coercive measures taken according to law.

police preliminary investigation found that since November 2013 twenty-first Century, professional financial media Network Editor Liu, deputy editor of Zhou and some editorial management staff, collusion Shanghai Yun Yan, Shenzhen Xin kylin finance and public relations firms in twenty-first Century to take the network as the main platform, PR Si Zhaolan and industry news reporters looking for screening, looking for is listed to be listed "restructuring", "transformation" and other topics listed companies or well-known companies as the target object for illegal activities. After preliminary verification, the case involving Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other provinces and cities of dozens of enterprises.

who is embellish language

let’s quickly "eight" look at one of the company’s "embellish"".

said in the financial PR sector can run big name oh. You search in Baidu, run word public relations, immediately to see Baidu know in the embellish words of a variety of American ornaments – of course, it is most likely to run their own public relations behavior.

its official website is so to introduce their own:

is the first to engage in financial public relations and investor relations management professional service providers, but also the country’s largest and most outstanding financial marketing company. The earliest companies in advanced concepts into domestic investor relations management (IRM, Investment, Relationship, Management) in 2000, we began to try and explore the field of investor relations, professional services, and the success of the implementation, has more than 1000 domestic and foreign outstanding listed companies to provide services.

our services are designed to create effective demand for capital markets for customers. We have accumulated successful experience in professional vision and investment bankers for many years, by means of achieving and improve the implementation of the scheme for the rich, and establish the best investor relations platform and media platform design, realize smooth communication between the company and the public investors, achieve the maximization of corporate value.

people say PR or media away from the money, but if it is "malicious" listed companies with negative reputation brand together? If it further, and "investment" of listed companies linked? This earned on more than a PR fee.

two reference article

is the following two articles on the Internet has not been deleted. We can identify the true and false degrees, for reference only. Presumably the police in the future there will be an accurate statement about whether the words are illegal, illegal.

was a 2010 published in some forum posts "Yun Yan illegal financial pr > convergence

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