mprove the site wide links

website Popularity (Link) in the search engine rankings in the role has been widely recognized and attention. In fact, even if you do not submit your site on the GOOGLE, but with other sites made links, GOOGLE may also include your site. Search engines may also be based entirely on the extent of your link to determine your site rankings. This paper discusses how to increase the popularity of the website from three aspects: internal links, links and links.

1 internal link

internal links refer to the links between web pages in the same site.

repeated cross links to important pages. The purpose is to let the search engine spider know that this is your most important page.

cross link pages also help spider to find your important pages faster and index them, especially when they are buried deep inside the site.

2 introduces link

links are links to other related sites. There are two types of links:

* create your own site to link your main site

set up several small sites related to your site’s theme, link them to each other, and then link back to your main site.

select the main points of the key words, with the same keywords as the link name, the other small site links to the main site. The reason for this is because some of the major search engines such as GOOGLE pay special attention to the link name.

* looking for sites to exchange links

your link objects include:

I. with your competitor’s website

to find these sites, you can enter " in the search engine; link:" input, follow competitors of the domain name, such as " and """ note, quotes.

ii. search engine classification search related website

all major search engines in the industry with the relevant directory of the site, are the ideal link object.

III. can be submitted, the site registered

to find these sites, you can first in the search engine, such as in the GOOGLE input " add url" " your keywords" (" Web site login " " your keywords ");

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