The 2500 year old longevity brand with what great to today

about 531 BC (according to the relevant data), a great brand was born. It was born in a moment a great founder of insight. Since then, after the founder of 45 years of careful management, the brand of fire, with the continuous delivery of dozens of generations, has become the world’s hundreds of millions of fans super brand.

this brand is buddhism.

to do the brand of people and organizations, all hope that their brand can continue to cause people’s yearning and worship. Most brands can be represented as a kind of trust, but the higher level of the brand represents a belief.

British BBC documentary "super secret" brand have revealed: Apple fans Alex Brooks as "obsessed", after seeing the apple products, regions of the brain are activated, and the part of the brain to religious beliefs and see content related pictures activated by the same.

the world’s most successful religions, both in terms of time and space, are also the most successful brands in human history. They not only established a belief, more able to successfully sell "faith" to countless people. Therefore, religion can not only give us the inspiration of life, but also for how to create and develop a brand to bring a lot of inspiration.

This paper attempts to

the Buddha (Shakya Muni) how to create Buddhism as a case, through the back 2500 years ago, look at the way of creating the brand, can learn what valuable discovery "".

products can be physical objects, virtual experience, can also be a kind of thought and culture.

The core product of

religion is the idea and proposition. If we take Buddhism as a product, its birth is based entirely on the social environment, market demand and the Buddha (Buddha) personal pursuit. Its spread and development, but also based on the conditions at that time and universal human nature. The following are described separately:

a deep insight into the background of the times

had 62 main doctrines, including thousands of philosophical and religious theories. He read through and learn all kinds of philosophy of religion, and many hermits and monks after the exchange, he thinks a lot of religious theories are false, because understanding of things is wrong and don’t feel misled and health, will cause disorder. For example, the fate of hedonism. He thought if only to talk which fall within the network, not only a waste of time, are more likely to lose the opportunity to practice the right way.

at the same time, although the Buddha as "Prince", but after the personal contact and deep pain and misery of social life at the bottom of the understanding, for pleasure, social class struggle and political privileges and killing each other more and more dissatisfied with disgust.

is based on these two reasons, and he wants to find out for himself, and for the world, the "big"

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