Soft Wen propaganda techniques

a lot of webmaster something soft master, good soft Wen can greatly increase the flow of the site, of course, is also very helpful to the promotion of the site. Publicity can bring a large number of soft companies and websites of potential customers, but also a means to promote products and services.

so soft propaganda technology which is the main, first of all, the content of soft. Soft content is the description of enterprise products or services, of course, is not a rigid advertising. Is from other angles to describe the product or service information, but have the skills, not advertising. And the best number of words in the soft Wen is about four hundred words, if the article is too long readers will not be interested in reading, and this is the readability of the short refining.

if a good soft text is included in the portal or published in the home page, then the flow can be imagined, in bringing potential customers will also bring business opportunities. Of course, soft delivery is also very targeted, to face the customer and consumer groups. Seize the customer’s psychology targeted writing soft content.

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