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recently, the U.S. wireless network technology startups Jeeva Wireless announced a $1 million 200 thousand seed round financing. The company co-founder Shyamnath Gollakota confirmed the investment deal, but he did not disclose too much information on financing, but also did not tell how to use the investment.

in fact, the Seattle based start-up company has been very low-key in stealth mode before the operation, all of their co founders are researchers at the University of Washington. Last year, the team from University of Washington School of electronic engineering researchers have developed an ultra low power consumption Wi-Fi technology — Wi-Fi (Passive Wi-Fi), passive energy consumption is only equivalent to the ordinary Wi-Fi technology 1/10000.

According to the research results of

Shyamnath Gollakota et al showed that even the most well-known low-power Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy) and low power network protocol Zigbee, and can not be "passive Wi-Fi" comparable. 2016, the technology has also been Technology Review (MIT Technology Review) as one of the most breakthrough technology of the year.

estimates that the company will take advantage of this latest investment to help commercialize the technology innovation. Due to the current energy consumption of Wi-Fi is too large, its scope of application has also been a lot of constraints, and the working principle of the passive Wi-Fi and radio frequency identification technology, compared to provide signal to use power of traditional Wi-Fi, passive Wi-Fi is the use of later to launch technology, not only can selectively transmit radio waves, but also from energy absorption.

Joshua Smith is an assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at University of Washington, Jeeva Wireless co-founder, he said in a press release:

although many families are now in accordance with the Wi-Fi network, but in fact this is not the best choice. Using Jeeva Wireless solutions, power consumption can be reduced to dozens of micro tiles, the effect is much better than Bluetooth and ZigBee, but also to broaden the scope of the actual application of Wi-Fi.

, for example, a lot of intelligent Home Furnishing equipment, such as security cameras, smoke alarm and temperature sensor, the signal transmission requires a lot of energy, so usually require frequent charging or replacing the battery, but if the deployment of passive Wi-Fi technology Jeeva Wireless, ultra-low power will make all devices do not have to replace the battery.

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