The plane started networking nternet plus a chance to air

for the plane, I believe that many people will feel a little bored in the hearts of many, especially by international flights or far from domestic flights. A recent poll of more than 2000 adults in the United States found that 93% of people admitted they were using their mobile phones in bed, with nearly 80% of them on the toilet and about 43% of them using their phones when they stopped at the red light. Today, people have become more and more inseparable from the smart phone, can not be separated from the Internet, how to spend a long time on the plane has become a lot of customers often take the pain in the heart of the plane.

day, Eastern Airlines opened the first air Internet service from New York, Losangeles, Shanghai, Toronto route, will become the first domestic air Internet service commercial operation of the airlines, the future will also from Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Chengdu and other domestic flights in Shanghai flights are part of the service on the line. This news came out, a lot of friends have shouted cheers. In addition to Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines and other major airlines are also rapidly strengthening the WiFi layout in the aviation sector. For airlines, Internet plus aviation will bring new hope to their profit space.

1, WiFi member

In fact,

for most of the China users, if they need to pay a fee in the plane on the Internet, they will put forward various objections, estimated that many users of them don’t pay for wif I, but at the same time, there will still be a part of the users will be willing to pay. As for the airlines, we can divide and rule. For users who are willing to pay to the launch of the VIP membership system, to provide free advertising network services and without any additional conditions; and for free WiFi users can be bound by APP or desktop applications.

of course, through these WiFi members can not receive too much membership fees, but we do not underestimate the value of these WiFi members. Today’s major airlines offer a lot of value added services to their members, while members of the airline also bring a lot of long-term and stable source of income, and WiFi members have the same value. Many members of the VIP WiFi if you can enjoy more value-added services, once the airline WiFi has enough loyalty, they will become the airline’s long-term loyal users.

2, online hotel

we all know, many people tend to go by plane is a business trip or travel, so they must have the hotel demand, after the general people got off the plane. The first place to go straight to the hotel is the most. At this time if the plane can access the Internet, and the airline provided by the APP or WiFi portal site can provide online hotel reservation, which is bound to be a very convenient and quick event for the user.

invisible, the airline has become where to go, Ctrip, the United States, such as hotel reservations platform outside the Nuevo Hotel

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