China YAHOO mailbox will be closed in August 19th Ali cloud takeover

[introduction] YAHOO said, users can register to store the Chinese YAHOO Ali cloud email mailbox in the mail history

Tencent science and technology news Beijing time on April 18th news today, China’s YAHOO e-mail users receive official e-mail, said YAHOO mailbox will stop service in August 19th, user data will be temporarily taken over by Ali cloud mailbox.

mail, said the user can register Ali cloud mailbox to save the history of China’s YAHOO mail mail until December 31, 2014. YAHOO also suggested that all operations need to be completed before August 19th, if not carried out above, the original Chinese YAHOO mail and contacts will be deleted and can not be restored.

after the issue of the message, causing a lot of users to discuss, most people did not expect the Internet’s oldest YAHOO mailbox will withdraw from the Chinese market in such a way.

also has email users abroad to express anger behavior, "07 years my album all gone, I forgive you, still continue to register all the account with you, now in a foreign country, let me apply what Ali cloud, but also the domestic mobile phone number verification!".

, "my series of accounts are used in YAHOO’s mailbox, this is the pit father ah," in the discussion of micro-blog, such a vent still occupy the mainstream.

China YAHOO said in the end of the message, the service will not affect the user’s mailbox to continue to try other YAHOO products and services.

YAHOO global platform director recently said that YAHOO will be closed in April, a variety of products, including BlackBerry applications, YAHOO Avatars and Message Boards, etc., this time, China’s YAHOO mailbox in the forefront.

August 2005, the Alibaba group and YAHOO reached a cooperation agreement, YAHOO for $1 billion in cash and was also called Yahoo China (now called YAHOO China) asset replacement Alibaba group about 40% of the ordinary shares, to become the largest shareholder of the Alibaba of the group.

after the development of China’s YAHOO is not satisfactory, after being snubbed for several years, the recent news that the Alibaba group plans to return to the United States in May, China YAHOO news. But Ali responded that the current agreement between the two sides are in the process of implementation, there is no need to publish the adjustment.

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