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Dog is a high-level programming language developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sep Kamvar, Salman Ahmad and Zahan Malkani. Dog uses narrative natural language to create social applications into an easy task".

Kamvar specializes in social computing research, aims to find effective ways to help people interact with the data communication. He said that the reason why the development of Dog, is because of the human thinking process, as well as the process of conceptualization of the code, there is a gap between the two.

I think the interaction process is abstract, writing code can not be too abstract." Kamvar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Review" (Technology) interview, said, I think that if you write a programming language, but also with the same abstract thinking, it will be very interesting."

code for the novice, the program code written by Dog looks more and more affinity, because with the natural language queries and requests are similar. For example, the definition of "students" encoding can do: students = PEOPLE FROM Facebook WHERE University’mit’AND degree =’computer = science’ (where =Facebook = the university students at MIT and the degree = Information Engineering).


programming language, Dog, is one of the plans for the Jabberwocky community computing group. Other programs include Dormouse and ManReduce, which will be free and open in the future. Dog is expected to launch in the spring of 2013.

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