Li Na domain name sought after lina cn call price 10 thousand yuan


Li Na won the French Open champion, between the "Li Na" before No one shows any interest in the relevant domain name and trademark a highly sought after, the "" domain name "price of 10000 yuan, at least 5 digit". At the same time, "", "" trademark is also being sold in yesterday (June 7th) to sell the more than 120 thousand domain names, the above two domain names are the only members to click and bid.

"" called rare expensive

according to the whois query, domain name registration time for May 28, 2011, registered as Liu Tailong. Yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter contacted Liu Tailong, he said, the registered "" domain name, is a fancy China tennis player Li Na outstanding achievements, "if not for Li Na, is a common domain name, no attention, but what about the value of."

, according to Liu Tailong revealed that at present, investors have made contact with him. "An investor bid 5 digits, I refused, some low". He said that he was not registered to obtain the domain name, but the transfer from the high price over there, the specific price can not be disclosed, anyway, very high".

it is understood that Liu Tailong is an occupation of "rice farming" (i.e., domain name, occupation investors) he currently has more than 400 investment domain. "The first registered domain name is," but I don’t know how to cherish, for two years after not renew, now want to return to the seller, but the price is 3000 yuan, did not go down, really depressed for a long time."

lawyer: follow the hype risk

In addition to, Li Na and other related domain names are also of concern. The "daily economic news" reporter learned yesterday in the "more than 12 domain name CN sale, and Li Na (Lina) click on the domain name is related to the amount of the highest, up to 20 points last night," "," "the two names were 12, 18 members were also hits, investors bid call options.

The domain name

in the column, the two domain name is so described: "Li Na win, as Liu Xiang, expect to have more win

in the future!"The reporter also China

million net inquiry into the "" part of the domain name is not registered.

a rice industry veteran said that from a business point of view, Li Na’s Chinese domain name and the English domain name the most valuable, like, and other easy to record domain names are almost always sought after goods". In addition, linawin is also good, but the value will be greatly reduced, less likely to be sought after by market investors."

with Chinese sports stars in recent years

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