Finding a stable space is harder than finding a virgin

recently, my space often appear problem, in December 9th the application domain name, program is No. 11 on it, at the time when the test FTP and web page open speed is very fast, so the models hit the past, speed more slowly, just two weeks, even appeared in the two major issues in my website cannot access, alas, all blame I covet is cheap, remember there is a saying is very reasonable: no good cheap goods, good goods are not cheap.

I of the space business is very dissatisfied, when the site not open to him, he did not return QQ, texting does not return, the phone is not connected, but did not get his way, here I just to vent their dissatisfaction, go home at night before finishing it on a few sites buy space should be paid attention to, hope that we can help:

1, IIS connection

IIS is the number of concurrent connections to the site, and some space providers to IIS concurrent and IIS connection is not the same as the 2 concepts, in fact, is the same, this is a small trick to deceive the space business!


IIS 100 general site can support 50 and online forums will be less Forum Statistics are not accurate, 200 people online may your forum only 20-40 people, this is the forum can at the same time set in the online statistics, such as a visitor you on the altar after 1 minutes walk, forum will he hours have been online statistics.

2, CPU

CPU has an effect on the acquisition and generation and the forum, not what other effects, CPU 3% support online forum of 200 people, 200 people 200 people here is not your Forum Statistics, can reach more than 1000

if the Forum Statistics

3, flow

traffic restrictions are good for the server stability, is a limitation of the best, he is good to the webmaster and IDC why, access, access flow on the large, small flow is small, can also limit the download, summarized as follows:

1, can limit the flow from psychological let owners know how much traffic can be used to their own website every month, if the site traffic increase, is bound to cause more site traffic,

can upgrade to higher products and enjoy higher resources. This is a virtuous circle.

the limit flow, can prevent some websites do a lot of downloads, thus affecting the normal use of other users. Monitoring of the site from the flow above, or a more reasonable way, if you do download, traffic will certainly be greater, so it can play a positive role. So that their own rational use of their own web site resources, which will not affect other people.

4, server site number

The number of

server sites is also severely affected by server stability >

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