Cherish the network to recognize the sale of children sentenced to death department marketing employ

recently, WeChat, micro-blog is "adhere to the trafficking of children sentenced to death" pictures of the post scraper, and the relay is numerous, almost swept the network.

many users copied in accordance with the format of the spread, said insisted on selling the child sentenced to death, to buy a child sentenced to death ". Post picture shows the number of relays has hundreds of thousands.

this post has caused people to explore the issue of the law, but there are users pointed out that the post is suspected of marketing.


adhere to the sale of children sentenced to death in the post picture thanks to cherish the network friendship support word

a net friend found that the post picture thanks to cherish the network of friendship support, click on the treasure is to enter the network registration page.

he questioned it is cherished network promotion means, and even calculate the cherished network promotion help promote cost savings of 125 thousand yuan, "in your circle of friends to relay the trafficking of children sentenced to death, that is to help others make money".

said the above users, the company’s use of everyone’s psychology to do marketing should be condemned.

there are friends that post first platform is a cherished network, the first audience are also dating the friends and being in love youth groups, so the initial communication topic is young people.

surging news in connection with the treasure network public relations, the company sent to the surging news issued the following statement:

recently pointed out that the use of public opinion to support the sale of children should be sentenced to death, the conduct of business, I am now on the matter to make a statement:

has always been very concerned about the cherished network hot events of the society, our company has more than 80 million registered members, we hope to contribute to the enterprise and responsibility, to call for more members on the hot social events, positive energy transfer to the community. Treasure network has also launched a public welfare activities, the purpose is to express a sense of social responsibility of enterprises.

The spread of hot

on "support the trafficking of children should be sentenced to death", cherish network staff also maintain active participation and attention, individual employees because of their enthusiasm for the topic, unauthorized start marketing behavior, for this is not in line with the company values of the individual, cherished network after the discovery of the first time correction for, relevant staff deal with serious dereliction of duty.

for the trouble caused by the incident, we sincerely apologize. We must pay attention to the social events in the days after, adherence to corporate social responsibility, for the social transfer positive energy.

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