China’s number of nternet users reached 221 million people in the United States ranked first in the

Xinhua Beijing April 23 (Feng Xiaofang, Zhou Dandan) reporter 23, from the Ministry of industry and information technology, as of February, the number of Internet users in China reached more than 221 million people, more than the United States ranked first in the world. At the end of 2007, the figure was 210 million.

it is understood that this year, while giving full play to the role of the Internet, will continue to improve the environment for the development of China’s internet. Improve the basic management of Internet security work, the establishment of a combination of Internet development and security management mechanism to solve the problem of Internet backbone network interconnection management.

at present, telephone network (VOIP), point to point network technology (P2P), through the television service delivery IP broadband network (IPTV), a new technology of instant messaging, search engines and other new business, put forward higher requirements on the regulation of the internet.

according to statistics, despite the increase in the number of Internet users in China makes the Internet penetration rate has greatly improved, but still below the global average.

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