Network marketing network to promote economic development of the corresponding training class fast

    Internet from the initial development in the world today to the sparks of fire Liaoyuanzhishi, has been integrated into people’s daily work and study, all aspects of life. The Chinese Internet has gone through ten years of development, from scratch, from bud to mature. Is developing rapidly. The current Internet is in a period of rapid growth, and the development of Internet marketing also follow the footsteps of the Internet continues to grow. Many companies, websites or individuals in the process of marketing is the use of the Internet to see the speed of the spread of a wide audience, such as the impact of the characteristics of the network have been hoping to guide the masses to create brand marketing miracle.

              in 2010 the network marketing market is developing very rapidly, QE network marketing market has reached 6 billion of the advertising market size. Basically two times the same period last year. This year, regardless of the network advertising brand or, or precision is good, have a very rapid growth. It should be said that thanks to the rise of the Internet economy, the entire Internet economy in 09 years under the state of 98 billion, is expected to reach more than 10 years of more than 150 billion. In fact, the proportion of the entire GDP scale is also rising. The growth of mobile Internet is also the main driving force for the development of network marketing. With the growing importance of network marketing by the industry, the industry talent crisis has gradually been recognized by businesses and websites, and therefore the future of network marketing will become a hot career.

network marketing occupation of the popular, but also gave birth to a large number of marketing training institutions. Network marketing training institutions have sprung up one after another. The prosperity of the training industry indicates the potential of future network marketing. The maturity of the training industry will also promote the development of the network marketing industry towards the direction of the theoretical guidance, personnel training, industry practice business integration model. However, the development of the industry is still in its infancy, and many aspects need to be improved and standardized. Training industry is currently facing the main problem is not qualified, lecturer level is limited, do not pay attention to training, poor reputation in the industry. Training is only the ability to enhance their own, there is no guarantee that you will be able to rely on training to make money. At present, most of the training institutions will ensure that in the short term through training can achieve great results, many students tend to be fooled. Network marketing training is a long-term adherence to the process, only the choice of sound quality, high level of lecturers, pay attention to training, the credibility of good institutions will help enhance the level of.

according to personal webmaster related survey shows that participated in the network marketing training is not a minority. According to reflect the effect is prominent, but not many trusted institutions, and "billion Ma Network Marketing Institute" ( is one of the best. It is the country’s first authorized network marketing training program, the national Ministry of industry designated authorized network marketing engineer training institutions. The competent authority of the higher level is the personnel exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology

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