Housing rental site into the new first opened this year in the capital market financing

housing rental website took the lead in opening up the domestic Internet financing market this year.

2013 in the initial, the domestic home rental site road home network, ants short rent, pig short rent have announced the acquisition of financing. Among them, the way home network completed two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan in a year. The ganji.com spin off ants short rent also including Sequoia, blue Chi and other tens of millions of dollars of financing.

in addition, there are rumors that Alibaba is also considering the spin off Taobao independent tourism financing. However, the news has not been confirmed Ali official.

is still in the financing of the winter period, layoffs continued domestic electricity supplier, buy, etc., housing rental sites are being touted capital.

hit group data show that in January 2013, there were 21 cases of domestic venture capital, investment amounting to $171 million, compared to December 2012 a total of 10 cases, 90 million dollar investment has increased dramatically. Among them, the rental housing O2O (Online to Offline, from online to offline) field performance.

rental housing finance sites mainly from three aspects of financing. An investor of the "First Financial Daily" said that the current domestic electricity supplier market, including the pattern of stability, excellent vertical electric project for less; short rental housing area has become a large category of classified information, but also the field of O2O easier to scale categories; American short rental website Airbnb valuation has reached 2 billion ~30 billion the dollar, for the domestic similar concept website provides a good financing blueprint.

ganji.com said that the rental business is one of the largest vertical category ganji.com, providing nearly 30% of revenue for ganji.com, which hatched short rental business grew rapidly, so adopting independent development. Launched 3 months, ants short rental orders grew by 15%~25%.

pig short rent founder Chen Chi told this newspaper that Taobao was started by a whole category of C2C mode split by vertical category, while the pig short rent from the relative standard, the scale of the housing rental category cut C2C, 10% of the transaction by pumping into access to income, and no difference between nature and mode of Taobao.

and pig short rent, ant short rent mode is different, the way home network not only do information platform, but also penetrate into the housing upstream management. Way home network CEO Luo Jun told reporters, C2C short rent mode is difficult to control the quality of housing, the market is also more difficult to cultivate. The business unit is divided into the online platform, hotel management and room service three. More than the concept of the business model is also the way home network to melt more money.

Chen Chi said, according to the C end user management difficult phenomenon of rental housing, pig short rent by third party payment, audit system, the establishment of a guarantee system, in charge of user payment, according to Japanese platform rental housing and Katai paragraph.

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