Panyu Guangzhou shop does not permit maximum penalty 100 thousand

days ago, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued regulations, from August 1st onwards, all the "profit" shop operators in the Beijing area to register a business license, the sale of a time, "the dialect stifle the enthusiasm of the seller" on the new deal in the vortex of public opinion. Subsequently, Hubei, Guangxi, Wenzhou, Hangzhou and other places of trade and Industry Bureau said it would not follow up the practice of Beijing trade and industry bureau.


Internet users think that this "Big word seldom accompany great deed.", the actual implementation is very difficult as the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhou Bohua in Changchun of the phrase "amazing", that will be the implementation of the "shop" business license registered in the country.

he said that the future of online shop to apply for industrial and commercial business license, the first pilot in Beijing, the future will be a nationwide promotion. Shop license system where to start again suspense.

day before, this reporter interviewed the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, Guangzhou industrial and commercial bureau responded on the "shop registration" is different.

Panyu industrial and commercial bureau: do not register to fine


reporter then call the Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the relevant responsible person said, at present has not received the relevant notification, but because the operation is responsible for shop online registration District Business Bureau, "sometimes issued directly to the Bureau regulations", so should inquire about specific issues of Guangzhou District Trade and industry bureau.

then, reporters call their areas of Panyu industrial and commercial bureau, received a reply: "in accordance with the end of last year the introduction of Guangzhou City No. 41, personal online shop can hold" evidence "the use of temporary premises, but do not have to provide the commercial residential address will be the implementation of business registration, the government provides the feasibility for policy shop registered."

Relevant responsible person told the reporter

the Business Bureau, as the main shop, if it is a single shareholder registered, the registered capital of 100 thousand, two shareholders registered, the registered capital of 30 thousand, the registration fee is about 8/1000 registered capital.

asked whether the registration is necessary, the other said, if not registered, it is possible to impose a fine of 10 thousand -10 million."

then, when a reporter once again to online sellers who call the Tianhe branch, the staff said, Taobao and other online shop does not need to register, "in general, the operator is to Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered, but now with the network, the online shop of the loopholes of every provinces are not the same, we are not the receipt of the notification requirements of shop registered to now."

In addition

, Yuexiu branch staff also said, "the Council did not receive specific notice."

shop new deal lack of legal basis

because there is not yet registered on the Internet to make special provisions of the law, the Ministry of Commerce on the guidance of online transactions is not mandatory.

from the legal point of view, online shop registration in the legal gray zone, in other words, penalty >

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