BT the father of Bram Cohen piracy is not my intention

BT because of the invention of this technology, Bram Cohen is known as the "father of BT", and "the father of the web" – Tim Berners Lee, Google founder Brin and Paige et al are the ten most influential figures in the internet. But the film company calls Bram "the infamous inventor."". In this regard, for many years only to see Blaine. Cohen accepted the genuine DVD, "the Bund pictorial overseas interview said:" people always want me to choose a side, when a copyright guards or anti copyright warriors, but I’m just a technology provider. Copyright infringement is not something I want to consider when I develop this software."

one day in November 2009, the "BT" father Cohen Bram (Bram Cohen) is involved in the recording of a TV program.

"how many people hate this man?" the host asked the audience. Of course, most of the audience on the day of the day is the Internet users rather than the film industry managers.

2001, Bram Cohen to write the program BitTorrent. Since then, he has faced Rainbow Night fortune: the netizen regarded him as a God, the film company called him the "inventor of the notorious repute".

the reason is simple: anyone can use the open-source software BitTorrent engaged in piracy and illegal download. Over the past 8 years, the emergence of a large number of illegal business BitTorrent website. These sites were containment in the world, both in the United States, Britain, Finland, Italy or japan. In China, there have been a lot of recent events to shut down the BT website. In this regard, Bram and his BitTorrent company refused to make an evaluation.

"people always want me to choose one side as a copyright defender or an anti copyright fighter, but I’m just a technology provider." Accept the "the Bund pictorial" Yueyang interview, Bram said, "when I develop this software, copyright infringement and I do not want to consider."

autistic patients developed BT technology

1975, Bram Cohen was born in an ordinary family in the upper west side of New York, then it is a computer technology into the era of prosperity.

, like many great programmers, in his childhood, Bram has shown amazing talent in some ways. At the age of 5, he began to learn C language on his father’s new Timex Sinclair keyboard, and when he was 16 years old, he was able to program in three languages.

in 1993, Bram entered the New York University, the main computer and network technology, and has little technical achievements, especially in the network sharing technology has unique insights. However, due to the excessive obsession with computer technology, the first year of college, his math class almost did not pass. Have an exam, he finished the first question on an assignment to leave, refuse to do the remaining 49 questions, he said that just because the >

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