The most disruptive business model free

Internet era, but also the era of big data, big data on the role of enterprises is very important. Through data analysis, enterprises can understand the needs of most users, driven enterprises to improve products and services; through big data analysis, understand the market trend, driven enterprise restructuring, business model innovation, occupy the market earlier and faster. So what is the most disruptive business model?. Old week is the most convincing…


we start with the concept of

subversive innovation, English is disruptive innovation. The word "Disruptive" meaning is broken or suspend the old order, to make things in accordance with the new rules. Disruptive innovation refers to such an innovation, it created a new value, a new market, breaking the old market, and replaced. Some people translate disruptive innovation into disruptive innovation, which is a bit wrong.

subversive innovation the most basic definition can be divided into three kinds:

first, you can make the original inconvenient services or products to do special convenience. For example, for real photographers, the digital camera is much higher than the camera. However, for most people, it is not easy to develop the film, and after washing out to know if you have a good. The digital camera, that is, to see the film, and can easily spread in the internet. This is the subversion of the user experience.

second, the expensive cheap or free of charge. I think this is the subversion of the business model.

third, the innovation of the technological revolution, such as the discovery of a new material, the application of science has been a major breakthrough in innovation, resulting in the power of revolution. However, this situation is not much, Chinese enterprises are expected to be.

business model subversion, the most thorough is to charge free. No matter what product, once free, the price becomes zero, completely eliminating the price threshold, to change the rules of the game, the no trivial matter as the impact of competition force.

China’s Internet inside the first subversive innovation, the first free revolution, the most typical case is 360 and Taobao.

that year, Taobao and eBay on the market, the market rules are powerful EBay formulated, such as EBay for the seller and the buyer to charge transaction fees, the seller to close the store occupancy fee. In order to maintain the operation of the charging system, EBay buyers and sellers are not directly linked to communication.

if Taobao also follow the same rules of the game, then it will never be able to defeat the EBay, because EBay money to the rich, the brand has a brand, to have resources, will use the whole

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