How to promote the marketing of medical websites

in October after a continued work in Wuhan, contact with the medical website or website optimization. For the continuous adjustment of the search engine, many website optimization, do SEO, do the webmaster friends have to switch. Optimization of medical website becomes more and more difficult to make up, go in the future? Guard against their own operating medical website published under the view, the hope can cause industry friends sympathy, also hope that more thinking.

Most of my friends in

‘s view, the optimization of medical website is more difficult, especially for promotion and extrapolation personnel of madness, led directly to the medical website optimization is becoming more and more difficult, and even a lot of medical sites do not pay attention to the site optimization or directly lower the investment. For the promotion of medical websites in the end how to do, the guardian believes that the following aspects.

: bidding and extrapolation is the choice for medical website.

we all know that medical websites and online education website is the main force of the auction, after all, there is a certain conversion benefit is still very high, and this is the reason why the medical website crazy bidding. So for the medical station of a friend, the auction is a necessary operation, I believe that we will not oppose. In fact the extrapolation staff and advertising information released their crazy hospital (remember the advertisement information is used), wide net to get a true portrayal of patterns of patients, medical advertising overwhelming on which we see the network.

two: have you given up the news source


news source function believe we have been very clear, but the search engine source of news blow attitude that many website operators give up the block or reduce the block operation. In fact, for this point guard would say is not a news source hit or news source of the effect is not good, it is important to everyone in the primary sources of news issued more advertising, advertising content or pure. Even published an article to ten platform, believe that for any website, released a large area of advertising is certainly not a good user experience, will be abandoned by the user, will be abandoned by the search engine.

three: the optimization of the website is the focus of the medical website.

for any medical website, there is a dedicated network marketing team to do, for the structure, frame, tone, code and other issues should not be. So what is the main problem that the guardian that there are a lot of problems on the content. For the medical website, a lot of professional knowledge website editor does not understand, so most editors are using the way of copy paste, even if the original is also a relatively small modification. This directly led to the content of the site is not high quality, high repetition. With the majority of medical websites, the time is not too long, how can a website that have good rankings? Inside so pay attention to medical website is very important, for editing this one must become a priority among priorities. As to how to edit the contents of the medical web site

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