The dispute between the sword and the air in the advertising company

Huashan has sent two cases of qi.

gas, gas training, supplemented by sword training.

sword Pope, practicing sword based, supplemented by practicing gas.

On the surface of

, the two complement each other, to resonance Huashan faction, but infighting, day hugh.

today, I also have two in the advertising industry alone.

gas case, said traditional advertising, "big idea" to practice, "fried" and otherwise you.

gladius, said social media advertising, with a "fried" word often linked to the mouth, if not fried, served as "idea" to "big" are in vain.

on the surface as I say two "big 360 advertising service, but secretly despise each other and mutual admiration.

gas Pope, laughed off the essence of the sword out of the court, leaving little sediment for the brand. Only by several WeChat, wrote several micro-blog ‘s broken, a broken H5 day, slaughter dog generation shall not end hall.

gladius, at Airbe down old, all closed doors of generation, the key of "big idea" early leaving only a No one shows any interest in, indulge in self-admiration seoul.

so, can I get two long repair short? Out of gas were now in "Simon big sword Pope for you to 123 words.


air to give the sword of the Pope warning:

unless your ad comes from a idea (big), it will be like a ship sailing at night, no one knows.

I have sent

advertising disciples, he lectured at Ogilvy master: "unless your advertising is a big idea (big idea), otherwise it will be like a ship in the night, no one knows."

ran shishinanliao, these years, mobile phone terminal development is very fierce, the advertisement TV terminal decline Airbe faction is falling to underestimate. Is the so-called: no mare, you say a ball. Airbe the true saying faction, had been covered with dust into the attic old rosewood box, eventually suffering oppression.

In addition to

, recently several cases of major rivers and lakes. Such as "4 hours", such as "escape North Canton Wu Yifan soon enlisted H5, such as a public brush frequency case, the sword Pope wrote. A sword is a fan of the


so, if any to consider the whole event, how, how many people know the "4 hours", "Wu Yifan fled North Canton will be enlisting H5", that is what brand? What is the message? Customers want to achieve and reach


if most of the answers to these three questions are: "don’t know", "don’t know"." That even though this kind of idea up to the remotest corners of the globe, what is


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