Rookie announced the completion of the first round of financing for ten billion in intelligent logis

March 14th, rookie network announced the introduction of new strategic investors, new investors including the Government Investment Company of Singapore (GIC), Temasek Holdings (Temasek), Malaysia Khazanah company (Khazanah), Chunhua capital and a number of sovereign wealth funds and private investment fund. This is the first round of financing rookie network since its inception in 2013, it is understood krypton 36, this round of financing in the amount of ten billion yuan, 40 billion yuan higher than the valuation of rookie former CEO Shen Guojun mentioned.

rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong said that as the future of China’s commercial infrastructure logistics, will be platform, data, social logistics services. Singapore’s Government Investment Company (GIC) said that the choice of the rookie network because of good logistics industry prospects and data driven and open cooperation mode, the two sides will jointly promote the construction and use of data of logistics network.

official said, the Chinese daily express parcel 70% run in the information system of the rookie in 7, the city to achieve the same day, 90 city to achieve the next day within the system, there are a total of 128 warehouse, the self built logistics as the core of the Jingdong should not be underestimated (currently a total of 213 Jingdong warehouse, more than 85% of the day and the next day) – order. In fact, there are a number of Jingdong third party merchants in the use of rookie warehouse service.

combined with ALI CEO Zhang Yong this year, the main focus on globalization, rural and first tier cities strategy, rookie will also focus on strengthening the rural, first tier cities in the warehouse network construction and cross-border logistics. As for the specific purpose of financing, presumably in addition to warehouse construction, will also invest in rookie information system development, and it is understood krypton 36 rookie, in order to cultivate the rural logistics system will subsidize landing with the company.

At the same time

get the first round of financing so the amount is, foreign convey signals a "King", and increase marketing efforts to attract more businesses to help build the network rookie system. In addition, recently there have been domestic investment institutions "to 36 krypton hoped to catch the additional investment in the current round of close, but the amount is very tense". Rookie is more inclined to introduce foreign capital, perhaps hoping to release a signal of globalization.



and Taobao group as a Alibaba in the electricity supplier system, ant payment service one of the three strategies, the rookie network strategy is "to build intelligent logistics network such as hydropower like coal, the core behind the commercial application of large data operations, warehousing, transportation, landing with resources, and unified on the basis of the operation of the service standards, information system. By opening up cross-border, courier, warehouse distribution, rural, terminal distribution of five chain of information flow, logistics, the formation of intelligent network.


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