Ali mother to give advertisers a few tips

This article is based on the

flow and intends to engage in popularity promotion, advertising advertising will buy a package.

if your purpose is to point out the flow of propaganda website, rather than selling products, please listen to my suggestions:

1, first of all, your billboard design is good, click rate is the fundamental, you use what means, anyway, can let your billboard was gourd baby audit on the line

2, you select to put the type of site, don’t tell me what you want, click rate high is

3, you find the billboard effect the best advertising,

only choose the billboard size

4, must look from the lowest advertising cost per thousand bit, slowly on, cost per thousand more than 1 of you can give up, not less than 0.08 yuan per click, you might as well go on click billing.

5, if you want to click on the high rate, without considering the sum of the total number of hits, then go as far as possible to buy high-speed development of small Adsense ads.

6, if you are going to the fastest time, as much as possible to do the traffic, please buy 500-10000IP daily ad.

is the best piece of advice, you should make flow, directly contact the webmaster privately to you is the best target flow, money flow to sell cost will never catch up with search engine optimization traffic from low cost.

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