On the promotion and operation scheme of Literature Network

for a long time did not come to communicate with you ~ ~ first of all, I wish our website better and better, friends all the best! Ha ha, here has always been my mind NO.1!

turn to the business, the boss is going to operate a website, asked me to write a simple plan! It is the first time to write the operational planning, we are not afraid of a joke, to have negative some directions, I appreciate it!

1, the content of the fill (updated every day to update the 20 novels, to ensure the timeliness of the content update).

2, network promotion, including the promotion of network within the station group and outside the station network promotion.

station group network promotion is the main site of several companies rely on their own (such as Chinese Ganpo culture network, Jiangxi scenery, Gan Po Network Forum), set up a special version of the corresponding region, forms of advertising or stickies posted propaganda. This part of the work is mainly responsible for the personnel responsible for site maintenance.

station group promotion is to rely on other websites (such as relevant industry portals, forums, blogs, classification of information, dig website promotion, etc.) in don’t stand release not less than 50 article and the posts every day.

3, published every day not less than 10 users comment and discussion of the novel, in order to increase the site user experience, allowing users to generate a higher degree of trust.

4, the site of some of the beautification of the interface modification and refinement, in the future time and energy to allow the premise of the continuous increase and improve the site features. This process is a little cumbersome, in.

5, points and reward system design, increase user viscosity, allowing users to actively participate in the construction and development of the site.

6, by hosting a number of activities related to the site, to attract more users, and actively strive to create benefits.

is expected to target: in late June, Jiangxi’s IP reached 2000 up and down (late on the basis of maintaining stability, an increase in weekly)

you talk about the plan is feasible? Jiangxi original literature network (Yc.JxCulture.Com), I hope you can give me some advice! Welcome to communicate with you S.K.


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