He Tao teaches you how to advertise in QQ group

in the network to promote or more specific network marketing, there is a place where we are very happy to go, and everyone wants to do it, do it all, do fine. It’s like a big classroom. There are professional and ideal friends like you, and you can get the fastest and most timely feedback. It’s not SNS, it’s not micro-blog, it’s not a forum or blog. That’s our instant messaging QQ.

ten in the day before yesterday, no QQ or that the Internet will not chat with each other, then it is normal. So time to ten years later, you can surf the net but do not know the Tencent has a QQ that is not really a lot of friends on OUT, a QQ is like a mobile phone number as important a QQ is like a mobile phone.

may be very strange for Tencent, he is almost any kind of imitation projects can do even better than. You have to think about? Such as out of the CF and relative CS, their users are not already in a certain extent, Tencent have done more perfect; take the running truck and QQ speed more fire than QQ speed, can still make a lot of game player convincing. So why Tencent will have such a large capacity, the core of what. By the way。 Is one of his user groups, so many of the screen, are using Tencent software, is not for the Tencent he is most afraid of no one concerned, no one to play.

access, from our website optimization or do network marketing, we will use the QQ group, because where we can send ads for Links or communicate with others. I was also noticed on a QQ group, if you are not the main group or management, we said it would be difficult to carry. And what’s more you accidentally send an ad will be T possible. So in today can be alleviated to a large extent in the above troubles, because QQ group can also be optimized.

first we can optimize our QQ. This should be able to understand, that is to say, as far as possible so that our own QQ can be arranged in the group of a more front position, so that others will be able to see the first time we. There are three kinds of people will be in the front row, one is the main group, another is the management, the next is our QQ member. This is also very easy to find and concern. So I do not have money for us or do not want to go to the members of the friends should do?

one of the first things we can see is that if the name starts with a letter, then the order is A-Z. And some special symbols or spaces will also have a certain ranking advantage. Here I’ll give you an example, my name is person he Tao kappa I we are not found in front of my name where the word that is not a special character. You really do not say, he let me in a lot of groups are ranked in front, plus I spent ten yuan

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