80 days to get 1 million users how WeChat financial products do go viral

in recent years, the Internet Financial raging like a storm. A large number of PC side, APP side products appear to seize the P2P financial tide. At the same time, choose another entrance of the products began to cut from a A new force suddenly rises., its smaller incision, has played a "42 pounds" effect.


| Wang Yi

since last year, a new financial products to attract a lot of attention, which is WeChat channel financial products. They appear in the form of WeChat service number, the page is simple, easy to operate, the user group is very young, concentrated in 85 to 95 after the crowd.

Wukong financial management as an example, a micro signal, on-line less than 10 months, more than 5 million registered users, the total turnover of 4 billion 500 million, now this is a monthly rate of ten numerical steady rise. Since then, a large number of WeChat financial applications appear on the market, and their financial Wukong in the product design is very similar, all wanted to replicate the success of the product model, including some of the strength of the organization.

from 0 to 4 billion 500 million, a page to sell Meng, a simple product of WeChat financial products why can produce so much energy?

Another way to

Jiu Fu Lei sun CEO

a year ago, before the financial Wukong was born, Jiufu CEO Sun Lei in a tangle.

at the PC side of the Internet Finance in full swing, the promotion cost in Baidu jumped, was off the cost an unprecedented growth. Sun Lei calculated that the cost of obtaining a user is 300 to $500, which is only a registered user, not the real use of the user. And the user’s repeatability is very high, the quality of users dropped significantly.

APP side of the situation is not optimistic. APP is a closed loop structure, the user needs to download a APP, click to enter in order to use its functions, promotion costs are also very high.

is another way to join the battle or sun Lei chose the former?.

he noted that WeChat opened the public number and service number, you can pay, transaction. And WeChat is becoming the most mobile applications users, to do traffic, it is better to directly import WeChat traffic. The number of public interface requirements is extremely simple, and nine rich to make finance more simple "concept is also very consistent. With WeChat’s own financial products CAITONG user education has to a certain extent, just for the occasion, WeChat launched the end of financial products.

Sun Lei will be nine rich overall strategic positioning in the mobile finance, give up PC battlefield. R & D, Wukong financial on-line extremely secret, nine rich inside only a handful of people know. Sun Lei also devoted to the internal team played Wukong completely different names, many employees do not know what to do in the team.

brand from Procter & Gamble, rich customer service jobs in nine precipitation of three month old Li Zhijun was assigned to become the product of CEO. Jane.

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