How to create a web site keywords

Often on the Internet to see some enterprise / company website, with their own business name as the key word. Of course, some of the excluded Dell IBM Haier and other well-known enterprises, with the name of the enterprise to do keywords will not be the best solution. Because the majority of users in the enterprise / company is not very understanding of the time, no one will think of the use of the company / company name to search, most will choose to use them as the key words.

here will be divided into two categories, one is to do service, one is to do sales to sell products. But in view of this article is mainly for personal website, so it will not go into the inside of the sales, because it is the scope of marketing.

we usually choose keywords will be based on the following considerations:

1 from the user’s point of view, thinking about some users may search keywords, rather than blindly to their own habits to create keywords. Br>

2 by competitor keywords as a reference, regardless of industry competitors, and most of the webmaster is not the kind of pioneering, so we have to do in the industry already has a precedent, of course, this also provides us with a very good reference.

3 before the two have been able to create some good keywords for us, but not enough, here you have to use a trick, through our website traffic statistics to select the best keywords. Usually according to the traffic statistics system we can well reflect the keywords in the search engine rankings, and to bring traffic to the site, so that we can be more specific for our core keywords. Of course, you can not use some of the content and the site has nothing to do, like MP3, MM pictures and so popular keywords to do as the core keywords, so even if there is a good flow is not desirable

4 we have done some of the methods mentioned above, we have some industry experience, then our experience can be more accurate to help us choose the best keywords.


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